Seeking Spirits

A fun activity for Halloween is listening to ghost stories or going to a haunted house to see if you can discover a ghost or two. While there are some people who don’t believe in ghosts, there are a few haunting facts to keep in mind about the spirits that are sometimes seen by those who believe.

Not only do spirits have the ability to impact you mentally, but they can also impact you physically and emotionally. A spirit that impacts you in a physical manner is often considered a poltergeist. Ghosts can move objects, but they usually don’t throw them to cause harm or move other items to cause harm to other people. Common scenarios of ghosts moving objects include sliding a chair across the floor or moving objects around on a counter. Doors are often open and closed as well.

Ghosts are considered ghosts. There are demons, but they are very rare. Many demons try to harm people and are sometimes associated with religious beliefs. A spirit is more inclined to inhabit a specific place instead of wandering from one location to another. Churches, schools, and hospitals are areas where spirits are likely to be seen, especially if these areas are connected to a high number of deaths.