Tricks And Treats About Halloween

If you enjoy getting candy and dressing up at least one day a year, then you probably like the Halloween season. While most people know the basics of the holiday, there are a few interesting facts about Halloween that could be surprising. “Halloween” was released in 1978 as a movie dedicated to the fear and horror that could take place on this one day of the year. Even though most Jack O‚ÄôLanterns are made from pumpkins, they used to be made from turnips when the tradition of Halloween first started. People used to go from one home to another to ask for money, food, and prayers instead of candy. As more people would hand out candy instead of these items, the holiday became associated with getting candy while trick-or-treating instead of getting canned food items and non-traditional treats.

Halloween comes in second place to Christmas regarding sales of candy and decorations. Chocolate is a favorite candy for children on Halloween instead of hard candies and those that have a gummy texture. The colors that are often associated with Halloween are orange and black with decorations from tablecloths to pictures that you can hang on your walls in your home featuring these colors.