Michael Jordan: Four Amazing Facts You Should Know

Considered by many to be the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan is even more fascinating than you may know. He wasn’t just a talented superstar on the court. Here are a few fascinating facts about the man we call MJ.

Jordan Owned a Professional Motorcycle Racing Team
It’s no secret Michael Jordan is the current owner of the Charlotte Hornets. However, some people may not know he also owned a professional motorcycle racing team. This is a testament to Mike’s ultra-competitive nature.

Jordan Smoked during His Basketball Career
With Michael Jordan being such a high-octane athlete, most people are surprised he smokes cigars. Even during his playing career, Mike would smoke cigars while driving to home games. It seems the tobacco calmed Jordan’s nerves, which may have helped him to dominate on the court.

Jordan Has a Deep Fear of Water
As a child, Jordan witnessed his friend drown. Furthermore, MJ himself was nearly wiped out by the same powerful ocean current. Sheer will and determination helped him to make it back to land. Although Michael is courageous enough to face his fears, he still feels nervous on small boats and around large bodies of water.

Jordan May Have Been Poisoned Before a Game
True Michael Jordan fans will forever remember his legendary “Flu Game” of the 1997 NBA Finals. In this triumph game, MJ scored 38 points despite being plagued by illness. However, his sickness may not have been caused by an actual flu bug. Some close to the situation believe rival fans, who worked for a restaurant, contaminated Jordan’s pizza. Luckily, not even a poisoned pizza could stop MJ from delivering an epic performance.

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