Spar Nord Has A Rich History Spanning From 1824 To Now

The Spar Nord Bank has successfully established its reputation through the years, making it among the five largest retail banks in Denmark. Today, Spar Nord has almost have a million clients in their approximately 71 branches. With their more than 1500 employees, Spar Nord Bank is able to provide its consumers with unparalleled service. They readily give service with a smile whether it is doing cash counts for daily deposits and/ or withdrawals. They also have other offerings like high yielding accounts, trading tools, financing for whatever purpose the client needs, and the like.

The primary areas that Spar Nord Bank focuses on include providing services for companies, trading opportunities, offerings for the financial markets, and honing their international division. With their impeccable team and leadership, Spar Nord Bank was able to overcome the financial crisis. In fact, it is amazing that they were still able to earn three digit millions in profit, when everyone was expecting them to collapse. In 2013, when everyone was struggling around them to stay afloat, Spar Nord made a 670 million DKK before tax.

To make sure that they continue to do well in their operations, Spar Nord Bank only hires qualified individuals that have an extensive education an related training in the field. Spar Nord believes that the goings-on in their bank are too personal and sensitive, so they cannot afford to hire someone who is unqualified because aside from being unreliable, sensitive data may be jeopardized. Spar Nord Bank only wants knowledgeable professionals who will not slack off to be a part of their growing team. The company big wigs truly believe that Spar Nord can only be as good as the team who comprise each branch.

Spar Nord Bank’s current mission seeks to combine personal advice supported by active involvement and service. The kind of service they offer to provide is, of course, up-to-date and innovative digital solutions because the current climate that people live in are fast-paced, modern, and digital oriented. The numerous bank clients look for a speedy service that is not compromised. Spar Nord believes that their co-creation with FinTech partners is the key to helping them deliver first class digital services to our customers.

Spar Nord Bank is currently listed in the NasDaq Coppenhagen as SPNO. However this bank’s history is very deeply rooted. Documents indicate that Spar Nord can be traced back to May 12th 1824, where “Bye og Omegns Sparekasse” (The Savings Bank for Town and County) was established in Aalborg. After undergoing a significant amount of mergers through the 20th century, the name was changed from “Sparekassen Nordjylland” (The Savings Bank of Northern Jutland) to its current short form, the Spar Nord. Originally founded in the Jutland, Denmark, Spar Nord has opened up numerous branches in bigger towns outside Northern Jutland. Today, with their partnership with Fin Tech, the aim is to make Spar Nord a lot bigger by expanding not just into town but to other countries, so they can gain clout and footing to help them down the line.