Does Genucel by Chamonix Work?

Cosmetics have been making skin look smoother, brighter, and more appealing for hundreds of years. However, over the past 100 years, the cosmetics industry has taken off and become part of mainstream life and culture. In the cosmetics industry, skincare products make up the largest of the categories within – clocking in at 37% of all cosmetic products sold. The reason for this might seem straightforward; after all, everyone wants to fend off aging for as long as they can. But in reality, the good fortune of the skincare industry is far more sinister than it seems.

Most skincare companies offer consumers promises about that seem too good to be true – and most of these companies are providing products that are too good to be true. Promising youthfulness with a single product, skincare companies looking to make a quick dollar practice little more than good marketing to make their products sell. This glaring issue within the skincare community leaves consumers with a hole in their wallet and a lot less faith in the products that do work.

As a provider of quality skincare and anti-aging creams, Genucel by Chamonix renounces the idea that one single product will magically cure all the flaws on a person’s face. This promise simply does not work because it does not consider the diverse needs of the skin on the face. Therefore, it is understandable why so many customers are now growing wary of the skincare product community. However, we stand behind our products not only as being the best in the skincare product community but also as using some of the most cutting-edge, scientifically-backed skincare technology available today. The reason? We pay attention to the details behind aging and find science-backed solutions to them.

There is No Fountain of Youth

One of the hardest sells for skincare customers is convincing them to buy more than one product. Marketing techniques by less-reliable skincare companies often present single products that claim to be cure-alls for all skin issues. The savvy consumer can avoid being duped by thinking critically about product claims, or in this case, about the structure of the face. Facial skin has all different types of textures – from the thin, delicate skin around the eyes to the tougher skin of the lips and the wrinkle-prone skin of the forehead. None of these textures are the same, and therefore their problems also will differ. Different problems call for different solutions, even in skincare.

That is why when it comes to skin health and vitality it is important to address each area of the face in its own customized way. Without a customized treatment plan, wrinkles and aging symptoms will still make themselves apparent on the face. Chamonix, with their most recognizable brand- Genucel– is a leader in customizable and targeted skincare products, have leveraged natural ingredients and science to provide youthfulness treatments that work. By using different ingredients with different properties, each treatment provided by Genucel delivers a solution that works for the very different areas on the face and each of their issues.

Genucel offers a four-step skincare regimen with two additional products meant to treat particular areas of the face. Read more about the active ingredients in each of their products below to see why our products work and why you should use a targeted skincare solution to keep your face youthful.

 More About the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy Product

The first step in the Genucel system is the Plant Stem Cell therapy routine. This cream, when applied under the eyes, is a targeted way to reduce the appearance of puffiness under and around the eyes. Made up of a sensitive skin-friendly carrier cream with natural peptides and antioxidants, our Stem Cell Therapy, which utilizes plant stem cells, is the main active ingredient of this regimen. Goji Berry Extract, Algae Extract, and Green Tea extract are known antioxidants. When included in a regular diet, these antioxidant-rich foods fight free radicals and work to reduce the appearance of outside elements (like UV light and pollution) on your body’s organs. With Genucel Plant Stem Cell therapy, the same thought process and scientific processes are used, but to target a specific portion of your body’s largest organ – the skin. Hydrolyzed marine collagen is another one of the ingredients used in plant stem cell therapy. Collagen is produced naturally in the body, but as the body ages, its production lowers. Utilizing collagen in a skincare routine reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, like the crows feet that grow out of the corners of our eyes as we age.

The special, unique ingredients in Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy, however, are EyeSeryl and PhotoCellTec. These ingredients are not found together in any other anti-aging cream on the market. EyeSeryl is a proprietary blend of peptides created by Lipotec S.A.U. These peptides were studied in lab settings and found to be useful in the treatment of undereye puffiness. PhotoCellTec is a specific set of plant stem cells found in the Malus Domestica plant – a rare type of Swiss apple plant. Stem cell therapy is a well-practiced therapy type around the world known to help with the regeneration of cells. While medical settings use stem cell therapy quite often, it does have other applications. In a cosmetic setting, plant stem cells promote the appearance of healthy skin.

Why it Works: In short, the peptides and stem cells used in this cream have been clinically tested for results. This product is targeted specifically for the eyes, using the natural peptide Eyeseryl. Because Eyeseryl has been shown in clinical studies to reduce the appearance of puffiness, and since undereye puffiness is one of the most common issues that people deal with regarding the area around the eyes, this unique formula is shown to work with the problems of undereye puffiness and create visibly smoother, clearer looking undereye skin. Recent clinical trials showed that participants using only 1% Eyeseryl under their eyes noticed a marked difference in as little as 15 days. By the end of the study, 95% of participants noted a marked difference in their undereye puffiness and the overall youthfulness of the skin around their eyes.

More About the Ingredients in Genucel Eyelid Treatment

One of the biggest players in the Genucel Eyelid Treatment merely is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its therapeutic qualities concerning the skin. It is often used by dry skin and eczema sufferers to help keep the skin soft, supple, and glowing. As a person ages, the skin around the eyelids begins to grow duller and droop. However, the appearance of crow’s feet and other wrinkles often leads to this issue being ignored. Using vitamin E on the skin has scientifically-proven benefits, and when used on the eyelids can give the appearance of brighter and more youthful eyes.

In addition to the Vitamin E content in the Genucel Eyelid Treatment, there is also a specialized blend of naturally-occurring peptides. Like they do in the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Therapy cream, these peptides reduce the appearance of wrinkles by smoothing the skin.

Why it works: This eyelid treatment is specific to the very fragile and sensitive skin of the eyelid. As the eye ages, the surface of the eyelids gets even, and that can lead to some of the more common problems – like drooping eyelids, dull skin from aging and sun exposure, and or smaller looking eyes because of the changing skin. This formula addresses the elasticity and firmness of that skin, specifically, helping it appear firmer and therefore reduce the appearance of sagging skin on the eyelids. When used in combination with the other eye-specific products offered by Genucel, many issues are targeted rather than just one single issue, which promotes the overall health and youthfulness of the eyes.

Moe on Genucel XV Ingredients

A typical anti-wrinkle treatment will often contain parabens and mineral oils. Moving past an ecological standpoint, parabens and mineral oils are synthetic ingredients that, while not stereotypically harmful, can put extra stress on your skin and reduce the appearance of aging. Genucel XV wrinkle treatment contains no parabens and mineral oils. In addition to its gentle carrier cream, it also contains many ingredients used to fight against aging.

Genucel XV is an all-over skin cream and anti-wrinkle treatment that utilizes plant stem cell therapy for the management of wrinkles. The inclusion of these two ingredients gives skin a smooth appearance and reduces the appearance lines that show up on the face. CoQ10 works in tandem with those two ingredients to lessen the impacts of collagen in aging skin overall. As an antioxidant, it also helps process the free radicals that make a unique impact on the skin of the face. For an extra skincare boost, the Enzyme Activation™ Group, comprised of vitamins B3 and B6, provide extra nourishment for the face, which promotes glowing and healthy-looking skin.

Calendula flower and the other essential oils included in this blend are the activators that ensure absorption of these active ingredients into the skin. They replace the commonly used mineral oils in many skin care blends, and in addition to providing absorption benefits without the greasy residue, they also are a source of antioxidants.

Why it Works: The main job of Genucel XV is to be the “overall” cream for the face. Instead of making bold, sweeping statements about “making wrinkles disappear,” it instead looks at the face as a canvas for the rest of their products to do their work. All works of art that start with a canvas ask that the canvas is as tight as it can be, blemish free, and new for the paints to do the work. In other words, this base product does some of the more generic jobs so that the area-targeting products can do their jobs a little better. It does this by firming the skin and promoting collagen and elastin production as well as returning moisture and nutrients to the surface for a youthful glow.

More About the Ingredients in Genucel Immediate Effects

If there is a product in the Genucel lineup that makes promises that seem too good to be true, it might be the Immediate Effects product. However, this product is scientifically backed and guaranteed to smooth away the appearance of wrinkles when used. How does it do this? For the use of crow’s feet and browline wrinkles, Genucel Immediate Effects uses Relaxoderm technology to smooth away wrinkles. GABA has been studied in numerous skincare settings and has shown to be an effective wrinkle relaxant. Relaxoderm technology and the herbal benefits of gynostemma, this cream provides powerful results over a short period.

Why it Works: Relaxoderm Technology is the critical ingredient in this skincare regimen. This technology is made with gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which is a powerful wrinkle relaxing technology. Where many wrinkle-relaxing products go wrong is in failing to mention that their effects are not forever. Immediate Effects only lasts up to 24-hours, but when used daily provides continued relaxants for wrinkles. This relaxing technology gives the appearance of wrinkles “melting away,” and when combined with the long-term impacts of the other Genucel products, delivers the continued presence of youthful, glowing skin.

More About the Ingredients in Genucel Jawline Treatment

Jawlines can be a source of concern for those who might be aging. This skin is often neglected in long-term skin regimens, and therefore even the best skin care regimen can sometimes ignore the jawline. Fortunately, the Genucel Jawline treatment is made to address the issues of the aging jawline, including sagging skin, puffiness, and facially-associated wrinkles. Additionally, this serum aims to contour the jawline so that the face is distinct from the neck and smooth out the skin of the neck, even out skin tone, and also delay similar issues from happening.

Why it Works: The reason why the Genucel Jawline Treatment works is that it utilizes peptides, whose benefits we have already covered, as well as MDL technology. MDL technology involves the use of Meadowfoam: a type of flower native to the Pacific Northwest. As well as providing deep moisturizing therapies and reducing the dulling effects caused by water loss in the skin, it also is shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory.

Additionally, the use of collagen (whose effects we also already covered) is critical in the continued firming of the skin around the jaw. When moisture and nourishment are provided to the skin, and the smoothing and firming effects of collagen and peptides are applied, the skin naturally repairs itself and promotes youthful, firm skin.

 More About the Ingredients in Genucel Deep Firming Serum

Genucel Deep Firming Serum is one of the most beloved of all of Genucel’s products. With a simple base and an enriched Vitamin C formula, deep firming serum users can expect glowing and clear skin from the vitamins included. Users directly apply the formula to the face under the moisturizer, preferably daily, and watch the effects show themselves.

Why it Works: It might not sound like much but applying a vitamin c serum can do wonders for the youthfulness and firmness of the face. Within the setting of the skin, vitamin C is part of what causes the production of collagen in the skin. The “firming” part of the deep firming serum comes from the production of collagen within the skin after the continued use of vitamin C serums. When used with a neutral base, like the one found in Genucel’s Deep Firming Serum, the collagen-kickstarter vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant. While the benefits of antioxidants have already been discussed, it is worth it to note that vitamin c, when applied to the skin, provides different benefits than just consuming it alone.

At its base, good skincare requires more than just a cure-all promise. It requires dedicated research and a deep dive into the science behind aging. When looking at this science, it is clear that to receive the best results the face has to be treated like the complex biological structure that it is. The eyes, forehead, lips, and all different sections of your face have different skin types and therefore require different skin solutions. Genucel’s products work because they target specific issues rather than your face, in general. By acknowledging the various problems that the face has, it is possible to treat the face as a whole in an effective manner.

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