Waiakea Water: What are the Benefits of Giving Your Pets Alkaline Water?

In the last few years, alkaline water has been emerging on the market as a drink that can improve our health. With our diets becoming more and more unhealthy as we delve deeper and deeper into becoming a fast food nation, a healthy beverage needs to be welcomed with open arms–as we’ve talked about here, particularly regarding the emerging brand Waiakea Water. And many people are doing just that. There are those who swear by the results they are getting through drinking alkaline water.

It was only a matter of time before people started giving alkaline water to their pets as well. We love our pets, sometimes more than our own family. Any chance we can take to spoil them and ensure that they are healthy, as pet owners, we jump on it. But before you run out to the market and purchase a 24 pack of alkaline water, let’s look at what the benefits are.

What is Alkaline Water?

It is time to take out the old Science book. Whether a water is alkaline or not depends entirely on its pH level. The pH is measured on a scale of 0 to 14. If the pH level is at 7, that means the water is neutral. Most drinking water has a pH level of right around 7, which is fine to have. That means it is neither acidic nor alkaline.

If the pH level is below 7, that means the water is acidic. Think of drinks like coffee, orange juice, and soda as an example of acidic drinks. High acidity means that it can be harmful to drink. To put it all in perspective, soda has a pH level of about 2.5 to 3. Battery acid has a pH level of 1. Acidic water can contain toxins that will hurt your health. It often has a foul taste to it as well.

If the pH level for the water is above 7 on the scale, that means it is alkaline water. Alkaline water has several health benefits as long as it is not too alkaline. Having a water right around 8 on the pH level would be ideal.

How Can Alkaline Water Help Our Pets?

Providing alkaline water at times to your pets can deliver valuable electrolytes and minerals. Animals need their vitamins and minerals just like people do. Unfortunately, many of the processed dog and cat foods can be unhealthy for them. Plus, it can also be expensive. Buying a package of sliced meat can actually cost less and be more healthy, but that is for another article. Let’s focus on the alkaline water for now.

If you are a pet owner, you already know that your dog or cat is not particular when drinking water. They drink out of birdbaths, out of muddy puddles, ponds, lakes, the bathtub, and even the toilet. They seem to enjoy all of it. But they all don’t have the same health benefits.

Alkaline water is absorbed easier into the body. It can restore proper hydration levels quickly. In addition, if your pet is fighting off some illness or infection, alkaline water that has a pH level of about 9 can actually promote healing faster. However, be sure that you use naturally occurring alkaline water. Ionized water is not the same. It just does not have the minerals that natural alkaline water has.

But Beware!

Just like with people, you do not want to give your pet alkaline water anytime they are eating. Alkaline water can lower the amount of acid in their stomachs, meaning that they could have trouble digesting food. For people that have heartburn and acid reflux, this could be a good thing. But for animals, hold off on giving them alkaline water until they have been done eating for a half an hour or so. Just switch out the water bowls anytime you give them a meal for thirty minutes or so just to be safe.

Where to Get Alkaline Water

Waiakea Water is Naturally Alkaline

As I stated earlier, not all alkaline water is created equal. That is why it is important to go with a trusted brand, and there is no bottled water brand as trustworthy as Waiakea Water. Established in 2012 by their founder Ryan Emmons, their water is collected from rain and melted snow as it filters down through volcanic rock in Hawaii. Through this process, it creates a pH level of 8, which makes it alkaline.

If you are a pet owner, then you are probably also careful about keeping the environment clean for our four-legged friends. Waiakea Water is worried about the environment as well. Only 20 percent of plastic water bottles actually get recycled. This is a huge problem because it takes about 1,500 years for a plastic water bottle to fully decompose on its own. We have an ocean full of plastic that is polluting our world because of it. Waiakea Water uses a special nano-additive called TimePlast that allows for its plastic water bottles to decompose in only 15 years if it is not recycled. Hopefully, other companies will start using this new technology as well.

Also, Waiakea Water donates 650 liters of clean water for every liter sold to regions that do not have access to suitable water. You can feel good about buying Waiakea Water for your pet and for the good of the environment.

While alkaline water for your pets seems like a great idea, it is always advisable to speak to your veterinarian beforehand. Plus, do your own research. Changing up your pet’s diet is not something to take lightly because you will be cleaning up any messes that can go along with it. When providing alkaline water to your pets at the appropriate times, you are giving them a healthier alternative than normal neutral drinking water.