Art Peck Leaves Gap Inc. After 15 Years

Art Peck is the former chief executive officer of Gap Inc. He served in that role from 2015 through this year. Art is an American businessman with decades of professional and leadership experience.

He was born in 1955 and graduated college in 1977. Art Peck earned an undergraduate degree at Occidental College in Los Angeles, California. From there, he enrolled at Harvard University where he achieved his MBA in 1979. He was employed at Boston Consulting Group for many years. His tenure at the company spanned from 1982 until 2005. In 2005, Mr. Peck began his career at Gap Inc. His initial role at the firm was as the Vice President of strategy and operations. At that time, the CEO of the organization was Paul Pressler.

Art Peck embarked upon numerous strategies in an effort to grow and expand the company. He was responsible for Gap’s operations both domestically and internationally. He had innovative ideas for expanding the operations of the retail organization and to increase the number of worldwide stores it had in operation. Peck also played a key role in a campaign that was launched for Gap and other retail brands. The strategy partnered Gap Inc. with major retailers including the Converse, Apple and Nike brands. His track record for these and other initiatives led Art Peck to be named CEO of the firm in 2015.

Art Peck has a broad knowledge of the impact of these digital times. Throughout his roles at Gap, he saw the need to help move the organization smoothly into the 21st century. Strategies were put into place to help maintain the firm’s position in the retail industry. His work revolved around eight need to reshape the firm and the Direction in which it was going. It was Art’s initiate to explore the path of selling franchises under the name of Gap Inc. it was Peck’s decision to step down from his post as CEO in 2019.

The announcement of his decision was made by the company in early November. The news release included the news that the step down was effective immediately. The company named the person who would immediately assume the position as the leader of Gap Inc. at this time. Robert Fisher was appointed as the interim CEO of the company. He is a current member of the Board of Directors of Gap. Art Peck agreed to be on hand to assist in a short period of transition.