At Kurt Weiss Greenhouses, It Has Always Been About Producing The Highest-Quality Products That The Team Can Be Proud Of

A Long and Distinguished History Within Its Industry

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has its beginnings in New York City more than a century ago. The beginnings of the current operation begin in earnest during the 1960 calendar year and the respected growing operation is now the guidance of its third generation of family management. The decades that Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has been in business has seen the operation expand significantly. The company currently has many different locations along the eastern coast of the United States. This makes Kurt Weiss Greenhouses the fourth-largest company of its type in the country. The firm continues to this day to have a steadfast commitment to serving the industries of horticulture and floriculture. The firm is headquartered out of the New York State municipality of Center Moriches.
The Team That Makes It Happen

At Kurt Weiss Greenhouses, it is the dedicated team of experts that make it happen. These employees consistently demonstrate a passion for growing as well as a strong spirit for finding ways to innovate within the field. The organization is currently home to more than 1200 dedicated team members. Many of these dedicated Kurt Weiss Greenhouses employees have been with the organization for many years now. This is a testament to the type of quality that is represented by this outstanding organization.

A Commitment To The Highest Quality In Products

Kurt Weiss Greenhouses has a well-established commitment to producing the highest quality products in the industry. The plants that are grown at Kurt Weiss Greenhouses all have different types of requirements to thrive and the dedicated team takes great pride in making sure that they receive these requirements. The company is also known for its commitment to growing the finest in plant genetics. These high-quality plants are delivered to customers through an outstanding system of logistics and shipping. Once delivered to the retail customers, these plants can then be sold to the consumer market. Some of the products that Kurt Weiss Greenhouses are best known for are Azaleas. Another signature product is Hydrangeas. Beyond this, the company offers an extensive range of other products including plants for beds, foliage, annuals and perennials, and a great line of planters. Kurt Weiss Greenhouses also produces high-quality potted herbs that are ideal for use in people’s kitchens at home. These products all represent the commitment that the company has to produce products that the entire team can be proud of.