OSI Group Prioritizes Food Safety and Quality Assurance

OSI Group Prioritizes Food Safety and Quality Assurance for Partners and their Customers

OSI Group is proud of the reputation it has earned over the years as a premier global food provider, partnering with many leading food brands to create innovative concept-to-table solutions that delight consumers around the globe.

More than anything, the factor that separates OSI Group from others in the industry is the entrepreneurial passion at the heart of the company’s efforts. It’s this quality that brings a much-needed “can-do” ethic to customer collaborations that is often lacking in the world today. OSI offers fresh, innovative ways to deliver next-generation food solutions to people everywhere — and that is a goal the company will always work hard to accomplish.

Another major part of OSI Group’s success has been its ongoing commitment to not only food safety, but also to quality assurance. This is true for a wide range of reasons, all of which are worth exploring.

Why Food Safety Matters

Food safety and quality assurance are about more than preventing minor illnesses. Obviously, making sure top-quality products are getting into the hands of the people who need them is important, but this issue is more complex than that alone.

According to one recent study conducted by the World Health Organization, almost 600 million people get sick after eating contaminated food each year. That is about one in 10 people. Of those individuals, 420,000 will die, which points to an important issue that needs to be addressed.

Children under the age of five are particularly susceptible. Another recent study indicated that about 125,000 kids in this age group will die from foodborne illnesses annually. Once you also consider that more than 200 different diseases can be spread through food if left unchecked, it becomes clear why this is a crucial issue.

The OSI Group Approach

From the moment Otto Kolschowsky first opened his family-owned meat market and butcher shop over a century ago in Chicago — an enterprise that would eventually become OSI Group — food safety and assurance have always been a top priority.

At a bare minimum, the company always set policies that not only exceeded customer requirements but regulatory requirements as well. This is because OSI Group recognized the stakes are simply too high to get this wrong.

The company’s experts continuously measure themselves and their suppliers against those standards, all while also being proactive about keeping up to date on the new and innovative quality procedures and technologies that are available to them.

OSI Group routinely conducts Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) audits, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Animal Welfare, and OSI Global Standardization audits. The HACCP audit is particularly important, as it allows OSI Group to take a preventative approach to food safety in all supplying facilities, thus mitigating risk as much as possible.

All OSI Group facilities around the world actively maintain Global Food Safety Initiatives (GFSI) certification, or other recognized certifications for food safety and quality systems that are applicable in the countries where the company operates.

If this all sounds like a tremendous amount of effort, that’s because it is. However, OSI Group is willing to go to these lengths because of the following core belief:

Delivering food safety is non-negotiable. 

OSI Group: The Partner You Need

In the end,  brings with it the infrastructure and financial resources of one of the biggest and privately held food providers on the planet — all to the benefit of its partners everywhere. On a daily basis, the company offers the capabilities necessary to source, develop, produce and distribute custom food solutions anywhere, any time.

Throughout all of this, OSI Group never loses sight of what matters most: food safety and quality assurance. This core priority, coupled with time-honored values like a promise to always act with integrity and put people first, truly makes it a leader in the field during a time when this is of utmost importance.