Paul Griff Has Enjoyed A Career That Has Been Filled With One Great Highlight After Another

Respected businessman and entrepreneur Paul Griff has carved out a strong legacy for himself as a result of the work that he has done in helping startup businesses and established public companies to grow. Throughout his career, Paul Griff has built many strong relationships of a strategic nature and he has shown a strong penchant for the realm of technology. This career extends back more than three-and-a-half decades during which time, Paul Griff has involved himself in a myriad of impressive and successful projects. Among the major accomplishments during the career of Paul Griff is his founding of Mosaic Salon Group. He is also the founder and current Managing Member with real estate portfolio management firm Maira. The diversity of the business endeavors that Paul Griff is involved with is a true testament of his versatility as an entrepreneur.
A Career With Numerous Highlights

Paul Griff has an impressive professional resume that extends back to the 1982 calendar year. It was during that year that he started with Kranzler Investments as its Sales and Marketing Director. His ten-year tenure with the firm was filled with many impressive achievements as he helped the firm to grow. After his time with Kranzler, Paul Griff went on to work with Acorto Inc for the next five years as its Directo of Sales. The firm is a notable designer and manufacturer of equipment for espresso. The next stop on Paul Griff’s professional journey saw him move into the role of President at Media Express. This tenure was characterized by his success at securing many major contracts including ones with preeminent cinema firms Loews Cinemas and General Cinemas. Paul Griff continued on his impressive track record of securing important contracts when he moved into the VP of Business Development position at Brickroads Networks. Major contracts that he secured during this time included ones with the Sierra Club and CBS Affiliates. Paul Griff also enjoyed a tenure of nearly eight years as the Managing Director with BSQUARE. During this time, his successes included results in the top and the bottom line that were well beyond initial projections. He then went on to found a company called Root Metrics in 2008 before taking on the Chief Executive Officer role at PivotBeam Corp. This period was the leadup to Paul Griff founding Maira, LLC in 2013. He continues to work with this vibrant real estate portfolio management agency to this day and holds the title of Managing Member.
Continuing To Utilize His Entrepreneurial Expertise

These days Paul Griff is also heavily involved with his Mosaic Salon Group. With this firm, he has taken his years of entrepreneurial experience and success and translated it into the world of salon professionals. The advent of this amazing company has meant that today’s salon professionals can establish strong careers for themselves without having the deal with the hurdles that have traditionally been in place when it comes to establishing a presence in the field. The company is another example of the innovative mindset of Paul Griff and his love for business.