RevenueWire Explains Why Blog Posts Still Matter in 2020

Why Blogging?

Over the last decade, an astounding number of new ways to share content online in order to grow your business have emerged. That said, you may be astounded to learn that blogging is still one of the most effective tools that businesses of all sizes can use to grow their online presence and authentically connect with audiences.

It’s simple. According to the leading online marketers at RevenueWire, successful blog helps you establish yourself as an authority in your field, and it helps you convince your customers why you are an industry leader. It builds your brand identity like few other tools.


How to Blog Right

It’s important to remember this: you need to blog regularly. Some successful brands post only once a week, but no leading companies post sporadically, or only off and on over the course of a year. If you don’t blog frequently, you’re likely to lose your audience. On the other hand, by blogging often, you work to position yourself as an authority.


The Benefits of Blogging

By sharing high quality content for months or years, you create a vast library of helpful guidance and information, cultivate trust, and hone your voice, your tone, and your skills as a writer.

RevenueWire’s content team adds as well that this work will also improve your Google rankings. Creating fresh content for Google brings new visitors and readers to your page, and the longer they stay on your page, the more your rankings will increase.

Crucially, it also improves your conversion rate, which is the rate of how many visitors become users, leads, subscribers, and loyal customers. Good blogging can produce a remarkable return on investment, as evidenced by how many shares you get, how engaged readers are with your blog posts, the organic traffic it generates, and the keywords you rank for.

A good blog post ends in a strong call to action, and you can use tools such as lead flows to get readers’ attention and up your conversion rate.


How You Can Recycle Content

It’s not always easy to come up with new content, and even the best writers struggle to generate incredible ideas every day. Fortunately, there are tons of things that you can do in order to keep your content evergreen.

As your reader base increases, many won’t have seen your old content when it originally ran, and older readers will enjoy re-reading and experiencing some of their favorite or more insightful pieces for the second (or even the third) time. Furthermore, this allows you to keep a full publishing schedule without the effort of creating a neverending content queue or scrambling to put pieces together at the very last minute.

If you’re struggling for ideas when it’s time to publish, dig deep into your archives and consider turning an old article into something like an infographic or a podcast. The good news is that Google won’t realize that this information is outdated, and your repurposed articles will maintain relevance and perhaps connect with a new audience altogether. There are many people you can also partner with in order to use these technologies to grow your audience – and your business.


Why Blogging is Still King

If you’re looking to overhaul your content strategy and grow your business, you cannot ignore what can be achieved by publishing high-quality blog posts regularly. There are so many different ways to share incredible content, but all of them tie back to blogging. Great blog posts will help you reach new leads, improve your SEO, and connect with unprecedented amounts of organic search traffic.


Getting Started

If you’ve never published a blog before, there are tons of incredible writers who can help you hone your message and create game-changing content to help you grow in your industry. If you blogged in the past and let your content get old, it’s easy to start anew and refresh some of your earlier work to help it connect with a new audience. Either way, a blog can still do wonders to bolster your reputation and take your business to the next level.

If you need help taking this plan from concept to reality, RevenueWire’s content marketing teams can help you become a leading blogger in your field and achieve your business goals.