Wildfox Couture LLC Offers A Variety Of Clothing Styles And Pieces

Wildfox Couture LLC offers a variety of clothing for women. They have sweatshirts available in many color options and many styles. One of the sweatshirts that this company offers features poppies all over the front of it, while other sweatshirts feature brand names on them. There are over-sized sweatshirts available from this company, as well as cropped sweatshirt options. In addition to offering all types of sweatshirts, this company also provides its customers with the chance to purchase tank tops, swimsuits, and jeans. There are a variety of styles of denim available through the company, as well as a good mix of other pants.

Those who are looking for a stylish pair of sunglasses will find that Wildfox Couture LLC has many different options available to protect the eyes. There are classic sunglasses that are available from this company, for those who would like to keep a simple pair of sunglasses around and be able to wear them without standing out too much. There are also some sunglasses available from this company that are unique and fun. Those shopping through this company can choose between circular sunglasses, aviator options, and more.

Wildfox Couture LLC puts out most of its clothing for women, but they also offer some clothing that is made for children. This collection features sweatshirts and sweatpants for smaller people. Many of the pieces that this brand has designed for children feature the brand’s name on the front of them. These pieces are available in a number of colors, and they are available in a range of sizes. All of the clothing that this company offers can be ordered online, and there are different delivery options to choose from for those who choose to buy from the company. There are free shipping options available for those who would like to get their items brought to their home without spending a lot of money to have them delivered.

Wildfox Couture LLC was launched back in 2008, and this company features clothing that is designed in California. The company was started by Jimmy Sommers, and this man is the current CEO of the company. The clothing that is offered by this company is inspired by clothing of the past, and the company is most known for its sweaters and sunglasses. This company has partnerships with various brands, allowing it to offer up clothing featuring the logos of those brands. This company can be found on various social media platforms, including Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram.