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Siteline Cabinetry Adds Value for Designers

The process of buying cabinets has traditionally represented significant challenges for kitchen designers. Cabinet manufacturers often focus on marketing to homeowners, but designers tend to buy most cabinets in the real marketplace. Although serving the final customer is always a designer’s goal, the reality is that designers are often able to serve homeowners better when they can buy from a cabinet manufacturer that focuses on the unique needs of designers. In particular, designers need to buy cabinets that are customizable to fit the unique characteristics of a new kitchen plan. Siteline cabinetry, therefore, has introduced a new line of cabinets tailored to the needs of designers.

Importance of Working with Designers

Since designing a new kitchen is a complex task, most homeowners choose to work with a professional designer to ensure that they get the most out of their investment in home improvement. A designer will usually start by understanding what a homeowner needs, and then the designer will go to work applying professional expertise to achieve the intended results. Designers who are competitive in the contemporary marketplace use advanced drafting software to customize a kitchen with the amenities that a homeowner wants. Although designers are often pressured to use prefabricated components to save money, the reality is that most prefabricated cabinet manufactures offer limited customizability. Worst of all, cabinet manufacturers often want to work directly with the final customer, and this can lead to purchases that are not aligned with the goals of a designer’s plan.

How Siteline Cabinetry Helps Designers

By working with Siteline cabinetry, designers eliminate the possibility of manufacturers undermining the integrity of a home plan by upselling the homeowner on an unnecessary product. Siteline cabinetry will only work with people who understand professional design, so there is no possibility of either the manufacturer or the homeowner hurting a designer’s ability to add value. Most importantly, Siteline cabinetry’s products are tailored to the needs of designers. Siteline cabinetry offers an enterprise resource management system that helps designers implement cost-effective customization using prefabricated components. Designers can also use the ERP system to track their orders throughout the fulfillment process so that adjustments can be made depending on the projected shipment date.

Siteline’s Vision

Siteline cabinetry was launched with the vision of maximizing its ability to add value at its real position in the value chain. By working closely with designers, Siteline cabinetry can help final customers to receive better cabinets at a lower price. Siteline cabinetry maximizes its ability to offer customization by enabling designers to change the dimensions and style of cabinets within limits that make economic sense. Technology is used heavily throughout Siteline’s fulfillment process to give customers maximum responsiveness while improving the quality of finished products. Siteline cabinetry also maintains strong relationships with customers so that its products conform to changing market conditions.

New Siteline Cabinetry Facility

Siteline cabinetry is the product of 45 years of effort that the Corsi Group has committed to serving the cabinet manufacturing industry. Pat Corsi is the CEO of the Corsi Group, and he spearheaded the company’s vision of building a manufacturing facility made to meet the needs of kitchen designers. The Corsi Group’s new facility in Keysville, VA, is built with the latest technology to optimize the cost structure of Siteline cabinetry products while maximizing customization. The Siteline manufacturing facility is already 97,000 square feet, but the company has room for further expansion as the needs of the market change.

Great Equipment for Great Cabinets

One of the keys to Siteline cabinetry’s excellence is the range of equipment that it has to build customizable prefabricated components. Siteline cabinetry’s manufacturing facility has a CNC router that can cut unique designs using three-dimensional models supplied by a designer. A wide range of materials can be processed at the new facility, including veneers, hardwoods, plywood, particleboard, plastic, and 3DL. Since 70 percent of Siteline’s customers want painted cabinets, the company has industrial painting machines that can finish cabinets with any color or texture of paint that a designer requires. Overall, the mix of equipment available at Siteline cabinetry’s facility helps to maximize customizability without the expense associated with manual customization.

ERP Integration

Modern technology necessitates that manufacturers implement effective ERP systems to add value. Unfortunately, leading cabinet manufacturers still cling to antiquated business models where customers have to work with sales associates to estimate the date of delivery. Siteline cabinetry eliminated the headache associated with the traditional cabinet ordering model by giving designers direct access to its ERP system. Additionally, the ERP system has helped to streamline the production process, so Siteline cabinetry can offer lead times of just four weeks. By leveraging technology to improve responsiveness, Siteline cabinetry has succeeded at positioning itself as a market leader.

Competitive Advantages of Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline cabinetry launched in 2015 with a plan that necessitated gradual expansion to ensure maximum adaptivity to the unique needs of designers. Every aspect of Siteline cabinetry’s products is, therefore, optimized for the needs of people who understand kitchen design. Siteline cabinetry is unique because it partners directly with designers to achieve optimal results of homeowners. By working exclusively with professionals who are sophisticated in cabinet design, Siteline cabinetry eliminates most of the areas where the cabinet buying process fails to add value for the final customer.

The Future of Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline cabinetry intends to grow at a rapid pace in the years ahead as the importance of technology continues to grow in the cabinet manufacturing industry. The Corsi Group already has much of the equipment necessary for producing customizable prefabricated cabinets, but additional equipment will help to make Siteline cabinetry even more competitive in the marketplace. Engineers who understand how to implement the latest technology work full time at Siteline cabinetry’s facility to continuously improve the production process. In the years ahead, Siteline cabinetry will continue to increase the customizability of its cabinets without requiring customers to pay for manual customization. Overall, Siteline cabinetry’s innovative business model is helping to transform the cabinet industry with high-technology solutions that get designers the results they need for adding value in the modern world.

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