Heading Off To College

Many parents have to face the day when their children leave home to go to college. This day is often different in the eyes of the child compared to how the parents feel. There are a few interesting facts about college freshmen that you might not realize and need to know before sending your children off to a new environment. Less than 25 percent of college freshmen attend a school that is 500 miles or more away from home. Most students who apply for college and have at least average grades have a good chance of getting accepted. Over half of college freshmen took some kind of class in high school to prepare them for the next step in their educational career. Most college students have modern views about political issues and ethical issues that adults tend to have a definitive view for, such as same-sex marriage. It’s surprising that less than 10 percent of college freshmen didn’t read for pleasure during their senior year in high school. However, most freshmen spent at least five hours a week in high school doing homework. Almost 20 percent of freshmen come from homes where the parents earn less than $30,000 a year, which means that these students also receive the bulk of federal financial aid that is offered.