The Fastest Car: Thrilling Facts About the new Bugatti Divo

In the eyes of many people, the Bugatti Divo is the ultimate supercar. This engineering marvel is specially built to offer an insane level of performance. Here are some cool facts about the new Bugatti Divo.

Extremely Expensive Purchase
Only the world’s richest people can afford to buy a new Bugatti Divo. It has a starting price of nearly $6 million. This means it’s just as expensive as some Hollywood mansions. The yearly cost to even insure a new Divo will likely exceed $70,000.

Insanely Fast
The Bugatti Divo has a tested top speed of 236 mph. Although the Divo can be legally driven on the street, it has no trouble keeping pace with Formula 1 track cars. To ensure maximum output, Bugatti equips the Divo’s 16-cylinder engine with a total of four turbochargers. With an estimated 1,500 horsepower on tap, you’ll be able to race to 60 mph in a breathtaking 2.4 seconds.

World-Class Performance Features
A number of exclusive performance features are found on the new Buggati Divo. To help this super-fast car to stop quickly, engineers fitted it with a special rear spoiler. During high-speed runs, it essentially functions as an air brake.

Has 10 Radiators
The Bugatti Divo’s engine produces enough heat to cause an explosion. To keep things as cool as possible, Bugatti equips the car with 10 radiators.

Already Sold Out
Despite its shockingly steep price tag, the Bugatti Divo sold out in only one day. Keep in mind that 40 of these hand-built models were produced.

3D-Printed Rear Lights
While the Bugatti Divo features many cool styling cues, its 3D-printed taillights are especially stunning. Not only are these lights eye-catching, but they also helped save nearly 80 pounds of weight.