Ryan Seacrest Brings Awareness towards Suicide During Radio Show, Hosts with Kelly Ripa and American Idol

Ryan Seacrest wakes up around 6 o’clock in the morning. He then shaves and takes a shower, followed by a little bit of moisturizer on his face. Ever since he moved to New York to co-host the morning show with Kelly Ripa, and Ryan he checks the forecast regularly. Seacrest does his best to adapt to the NY culture as quick as possible.

Ryan drinks matcha tea first thing in the morning followed by a coffee. As he once admitted, he drinks matcha because it sets the tone for his body, “because it has so many great things in it.” These rituals get Ryan Seacrest ready for his many jobs. One of these jobs is Live with Kelly and Ryan, the show that never gets old or boring.

On a recent show, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa were surprised with a video of All My Children character Hayley Vaughan Santos and Mateo Santos (who is, by the way, played by her real-life husband Mark Consuelos) fighting over Ryan Lavery (played by Cameron Mathison). The scene got both Kelly and Ryan Seacrest laughing.


In the video, Hayley tries to convince Mateo that she and Ryan (Lavery, not Seacrest) are just friend, which Mateo does not believe. “You tear me apart and he puts me back together,” Ripa says in the clip. Kelly joked with her co-host Ryan Seacrest that she and Mark have the same argument now, “but in the reverse.”

The famous host also admitted that she didn’t remember why her character was fighting back then, but she believed it was over a kiss Hayley and Ryan shared while she was with Mateo. ryan seacrest on Twitter to Seacrest that her character “made out with everyone” in Pine Valley.

But when she and Mateo started having issues in their relationship, Ryan found Hayley at the beach and, assuming she was trying to commit suicide, brought her back to shore. As it turned out, Hayley was just out for a swim, but the two ended up in a kiss anyway. That’s how complicated life can get in the soap operas! And for those who don’t know, Hayley and Mateo worked things out and eventually left Pine Valley together for California.


In real life, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos ended up together as well. Ryan Seacrest’s co-host and her husband first met on the set of the soap in 1995, where they played lovers on screen and ultimately fell in love with each other.

They got married in a secret ceremony in Las Vegas in 1996 and their first child, Michael, was born a year later in 1997. Lola is the middle child and Joaquin Antonio the youngest. Seacrest, Consuelos and Ripa often hang out together and she frequently talks about her kids on Live as well.

In one of the episodes, Ripa talked to Ryan Seacrest about the time she clapped back at her daughter Lola over a photo (and a video) of Mark Consuelos, who stars on Riverdale as Hiram Lodge.


The photo featured Ripa in a black dress with Consuelos standing behind her, with his hands on her hips. Kelly captioned the photo ‘#fbf 2007 Those hands’ and she put the two hearts emoji. Lola then responded to the photo, saying, “Is the caption necessary,” and she added a woman facepalming emoji. Ripa clapped backed with a perfect response to her daughter, “gurl bye.”

But that’s not the only time that she discussed her kids disapproving their mom with Ryan Seacrest. There was a video that showed Mark Consuelos and his insane abs. Lola joked that she was going to report the clip of her dad after seeing it on Kelly’s Instagram feed. Once again, Kelly had a perfect response!

While many of Kelly’s fans were thankful for having the chance to look at Mark’s tanned torso, their daughter definitely wasn’t! Ripa shared the video and called it a “thirst trap.” She also jokingly responded to her daughter’s comment on Instagram, “Lola……..shouldn’t you be reading a book or something?”


A fan who didn’t realize that the comment came from Kelly’s daughter and claimed she was “just jealous.” Ripa then responded, “No she’s just grossed out. That’s my daughter.”

Speaking of TV shows, Kate Walsh also stopped by Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa to talk about the Umbrella Academy, one of Netflix’s most successful superhero-themed series ever. The show follows a set of superhero siblings who are harboring repressed childhood traumas and are all equally dysfunctional. But that doesn’t stop them from trying to prevent an imminent apocalypse.

Kate Walsh plays The Handler in The Umbrella Academy. Walsh’s character is a high ranking official in the Temps Commission, which is an organization managing the time and space continuum. She is one of the many who tries to prevent Number Five from preventing the apocalypse.


As she explained to Ryan Seacrest and Ripa, The Handler has an air of unfounded righteousness and a strong degree of conviction that makes for the perfect villain. Per Kate’s own admission, she’s a white-collar time villain because she doesn’t really have to get her hands dirty to commit crimes.

Kate also explained to Ryan and Kelly that she wasn’t the first choice to the creator of the show. “Steve Blackman was one of the adaptors. He’s the showrunner… He and I worked together on Private Practice. He ran the writer’s room for a couple of seasons. He wrote on Fargo as well. And so, he called me up and said, ‘we have this crazy fun role. We had a Jon Hamm type in mind, but then we thought we’re not going to get him, so what about you?”

Walsh told Seacrest that her role was “written for a man” and that she’s “sort of this boss lady.” She also explained that she’s happy they didn’t soften the role for her.


But when they’re not talking about soap operas and TV shows, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are talking about, well, everything else. As you know, every week, the set of Live with Kelly and Ryan welcomes A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Fallon, Brie Larson and many others.

But you would be surprised to see the windowless greenroom that awaits them. While many people imagine the show’s guests arriving in a luxurious space, the truth is completely different. “It’s not green; it’s not even a nice room,” Ryan Seacrest joked, referring to the decade-old decor. “It seems older than that,” added his co-host, Kelly Ripa.

That’s why the AD100 designers Christine and John Gachot of Gachot Studios teamed up with Architectural Digest to transform the space into something much more beautiful. The budget was tight and they only had a week for demolition, construction and installation; after all, Live with Kelly and Ryan is a busy show and their celebrity guest cannot wait.


The duo and their team envisioned the space both residential and multifunctional. “We wanted to create a warm feeling, to welcome guests and make them comfortable,” says Christine. “We knew there could be a more effective use of space.” “Here there were some specific and interesting requests we haven’t often had to consider, the room has to function for everyone from celebrities to children, even all kinds of animals,” John added.

The Gachots chose the perfect furnishings for the Live with Kelly and Ryan greenroom, many of them custom designed. These furnishing can withstand wear and tear.  “We knew that by introducing elegant forms, materials, and fixtures we could change the room completely,” notes Christine.

There is no doubt that all the future celebrities who will come to talk to Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa will enjoy this room. “We really just wanted to honor Live’s legacy and capture its upbeat perspective on popular culture,” John said and added, “we hope the space brings everyone who uses it a sense of comfort and ease. TV production can be so frenetic. We created a place to center yourself, to relax, prepare, and, if need be, escape.”


Ryan Seacrest and American Idol Top 20

Ryan Seacrest and his American Idol crew delivered another fantastic show on Monday night when the top 20 contestants performed in front of a live audience at The Wiltern theater in Los Angeles. As they admitted, almost every single one of them impressed Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Ryan Seacrest who said he had chills.

Madison VanDenburg kicked things off with “Domino” by Jessie J and Katy Perry compared her once again to Kelly Clarkson. Shawn Robinson brought everyone to their feet with his performance of “Jealous” by Nick Jonas. Laine Hardy started off slow and then kicked up the tempo with “Bring it on Home to Me” and Katy said he commanded the stage.

Perry was also delighted with Uche’s performance; he sang “Figures” by Jessie Reyez. Walker Burroughs also blew everyone away with “How Deep Is Your Love” by The Bee Gees while Alejandro Aranda continued to impress everyone with the most unique performance of Post Malone’s “Fall Apart.” Everyone, including Seacrest and the judges were speechless when he finished. “I am not worthy to critique you,” Luke said.

Ryan and his Idol crew also loved Laci Kaye Booth who sang “I Want You to Want Me,” and Ashley Hess who played John Mayer’s “Dreaming with a Broken Heart” on the piano. Wade Cota and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon were equally fantastic with their performances and judges loved them.

However, this doesn’t mean that the American Idol top 20 contestants aren’t facing challenges. This season’s in-house mentor opened up to Ryan Seacrest about the struggles the performers are dealing with on a daily basis. “Tell me about this group so far,” Seacrest asked Bobby. “What have you been focused on? What’s been getting your attention?” “It’s such a diverse group of artists and it’s really them playing to their strengths inside their diversity,” Bones said.

“I think you have some great performers that are struggling with their stage presence,” Bones responded and added, “so it’s really trying to find what they’re strong at, and then get better on the other side of it. So, that’s what we’re working on.”

As a reminder, Bones announced that he would be joining the next season of American Idol as the show’s in-house mentor in December. “For me, to be back in a place where I actually know what I’m talking about,  because I just got off a show where I had no idea what I was doing for three months at all, it’s really exciting to come and actually know a little bit,” he said in an interview.


Ryan Seacrest Brought to Tears by Radio Contest Winner

Ryan Seacrest was brought to tears during one of his most emotional moments on the radio. “It was definitely powerful, and I found it difficult continuing with the show in a way because it was real life and real hard life,” he said.

The host of American Idol was doing his daily show on KIIS-FM when a contest-winning call to a listener turned very serious. Juliana Toedt from Menifee, California, heard about the Ultimate Prom on KIIS while driving kids to school. She decided to enter her high school senior daughter, Kailey, into the contest. Then she got the call from Ryan Seacrest that they won.

Both Kailey and her mom were thankful and they appreciated the gift they received, but they also wanted to take this opportunity to chat about something much more important on-air.

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you guys,” Juliana said. “Our family right now is broken, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. So thank you guys, we appreciate it. We have just lost one of our children last week… I want to use this platform… to give out the information to the suicide prevention line to save another family from being broken… This call meant more than we could ever imagine…we’re going through a lot of emotions from anger, guilt, just everything, so this call just gave us a little blessing and is helping us a lot.”

On the same day that Juliana entered the contest, Isaac, one of her eight children, took his life. When Ryan Seacrest called Juliana regarding the contest, she said that she knew she needed to speak openly about what happened because she hoped she could save someone else’s life. This conversation left Seacrest and the rest of their team in tears. “I didn’t really know what to say, but I felt this rawness in her voice and emotion,” Seacrest said.

Ryan Seacrest also tweeted about this call, “In my 15 years of radio, I’ve never been so emotional over a caller’s story. Juliana won a dream prom night for her daughter and told us she lost her son to suicide last week. Juliana shared her story to help anyone who might need it.”

“After we went to break, I wanted to thank her for the message she sent,” he said. “People were already calling in who had been through this before.” Juliana said that she received so much support after speaking out during the Seacrest’s radio show.

Ryan said he spoke to Juliana after the call to make sure she was alright. “We sent them groceries, pizzas, just things to create any normalcy, and that was something we tried to do,” he said. Kailey, who won the contest thanks to her mom, is graduating from high school this year. Before winning the contest, she didn’t have much to spend on the prom. Now, thanks to Ryan Seacrest and his show, she has a $500 gift certificate to Windsor’s for a dress and $500 Visa gift card to buy what she needs.


Ryan Seacrest Shares Hilarious Overpacked Suitcase Story

Everyone knows that luggage can be an enormous issue at the airport. Ryan Seacrest is not much different than everyone else who faced these issues, even though he spends a lot of time at the airports. Live with Kelly and Ryan co-host shared the story about one of these times.

It was spring break and Ryan Seacrest decided to take a trip. Unfortunately, he overpacked to the point of 10 pounds. While recapping this story, Seacrest said that he embarrassingly had to open his suitcase and rearrange it before boarding his flight.

“It was heavy and I was flagged for heavy luggage and so the airline said, ‘I’m sorry, sir, we cannot load your bag,’” Ryan recalled. “I had a hanging bag and a big bag and they said ‘We need you to transfer items.’ Is there anything more embarrassing than opening up your suitcase in front of everyone at the airport?”

Seacrest also said that his bag was 10 pounds heavier and after having to reorganize items between both bags, he realized he needed to buy more discreet underwear!

“You’re only embarrassed and feeling judged when you have to open it all up in the bright light of the airport and other passengers are looking at your underwear patterns, they’re like cartoons and I need to change them!”


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