Actress Gets Involved With Movie Because Of A New Car

If you’ve seen “Friday the 13th,” then you have probably noticed that a few things are a little odd about the movie. One is that Jason isn’t the original killer. His mother is the original killer, but you have to pay attention to the events in the first film to catch onto that fact. Betsy Palmer played the role of Mrs. Voorhees, but she didn’t want to be in a movie with a serial killer at first. She signed on with the movie because her car broke down and she needed a new vehicle. While the movie was being filmed, she hoped that no one would see the movie.

One of the cars that Palmer wanted was a Volkswagen, which is a car that is often seen in some of the early movies of the series. Palmer was promised that she would receive $1,000 for each day that she worked. When she read the script the first few times, Palmer thought that it wasn’t that good and didn’t think that it would take off. However, the movie has been a success with many marathons of “Friday the 13th” being shown on television each time there is a Friday the 13th during the year.