Details Surrounding Death

Death has always been a mystery to many people. According to the New York Times, you can’t really find out what it’s like because people usually don’t come back to life from being dead. However, there are a few details that medical examiners and doctors have noted that could give a few clues as to what happens when someone dies.

Burial practices date back to about 350,000 years ago. When people were buried at this time, they didn’t have caskets like they do today. They were usually buried in some kind of box or directly in the ground. There are more people who commit suicide than who are murdered in New York. One reason as to why about 7,000 people die each year is because the handwriting that doctors use isn’t always legible. All it takes is for one number or word to be interpreted as something different than what it’s supposed to be for a deadly mistake to occur.

Your hearing is the last sense that goes. Many people are able to hear their loved ones for several minutes after brain and cardiac function have ceased. After death, your fingernails and toenails stop growing. The body begins to deteriorate only three days after death, which is usually why funerals take place so quickly after someone passes away.