Dying Is A Part Of Life

Unfortunately, death is a part of living whether you lose a family member or friend or others mourn your death. There are a few interesting details about this part of life that many people sometimes don’t understand. The burial process has been taking place for about 350,000 years. At that time, there were no coffins or caskets. People were buried in linens in the ground. Although doctors are supposed to have legible handwriting for all of the prescriptions and directions that they order, roughly 7,000 people die every year because the wrong instructions and doses are listed on prescription forms.

A person’s hearing is the last sense to go when a person dies. This is why you can still talk to someone up until the last few moments of life because that person can still hear what you’re saying even if there is no physical response. There are about 200 bodies in various areas of Mount Everest. These are people who have tried to climb up the side of the mountain or who have started the climb back down and have failed. While not a pleasant form of death, suicide is a way of dying. More people die by suicide in New York than they do by murder, which is a surprising bit of information considering the number of crimes that are reported each year.