Neutrinos May Be The Future Of Energy

Although the existence of neutrinos has been acknowledged for a long time, scientists used to think that it was impossible to utilize the particles. They are not visible to the naked eye, which is why they are also called ghost particles. However, two scientists recently found that neutrinos have mass. If only one person had discovered that, other researchers may have been skeptical and more hesitant to accept it. However, two researchers on opposite sides of the globe discovered this fact at the same time. With his famous E=mc2 equation, Albert Einstein once proved that anything with energy has mass. This means that neutrinos have energy potential.

What makes this discovery even more exciting is that some German developers are now designing a device to harness neutrinos and use their energy. There is a large volume of neutrinos passing through the atmosphere every second. Trillions of them are produced naturally each day, and they exist in all parts of the world. Since they are produced at all hours, the German device will function 24/7.

Neutrino Inc. is the company that is sponsoring the team of German developers and researchers. Its plan is to release devices that power smartphones, tablets and smaller electronics first. Eventually, it plans to release larger devices that are capable of powering vehicles, homes and commercial buildings. Since the devices operate both day and night, people will not have to charge their phones or vehicles. If the trend works for vehicles, it could greatly reduce the demand for fossil fuels and may even help stop the wars over those substances. Since the devices harness neutrinos in real time and deliver them directly to the user, the need for expensive-to-maintain electric power lines may also disappear in the future.