Camping In Fear

If you’ve seen “Friday the 13th,” then you know that there are some interesting plot twists that arise in the first movie. These twists carry over to the second movies and have an impact on what happens with Jason Voorhees. One interesting fact is that Jason’s mother was the original killer. She didn’t wear a mask in the first movie, so you don’t really know who is killing everyone until the last few scenes. “Halloween” inspired the movie because of the structure of the film. Ads were placed in newspapers about the movie before there was enough financing to make the film. People who learned about the film wanted to see it, which aided in securing the financing for the project. Some of the special effects in the movie were baked in an oven. These effects were then used in murder scenes. The camp used for filming in the movie is still open. There are still people who camp there, but you usually can’t take a tour unless you are a guest. The first idea about the movie featured Jason as a child who didn’t have the grotesque look that he is known for in the rest of the movie.