“Halloween” Filmed In Less Than A Month

The movie “Halloween” is a staple for the fall season. It’s a movie that beckons to viewers because of the simplicity of the details while still delivering the fear factor that is enjoyed from a good horror movie. One of the things that you might not know about the movie is that it only took 20 days for filming to be completed. Work started in the spring of 1978, and the movie was released in October of the same year. Since the movie takes place in the fall and filming was in the spring, the production crew had to find bags of fake leaves, pumpkins, and other decorations to use on the set to make it seem like it was fall in the movie. The trees do still have their green leaves in the movie because there wasn’t enough time to change the colors of them.

This is the shortest length of time that has been taken to produce a movie. However, the quality is enticing with a storyline that has continued for quite a few sequels. Most of the scenes in the movie were only practiced a few times before the final shots took place and were put together with the rest of the movie.