Lack Of Budget Results In Big Movie

If you’ve seen “Halloween,” there might be a few scenes that are interesting to view. Michael’s face is never really fully seen throughout the series of movies. There are a few times you get a glimpse of the side of his face and one instance where his mask was completely removed near the end of the first movie, but he is still in the shadows, making it hard to determine what he looks like. Jamie Lee Curtis was the only true teenager among everyone in the movie. Since there wasn’t a lot of money for the movie, producers used a few different camera angles and the iconic piano music in the background to give the horrific impact to the movie. John Carpenter didn’t think that the movie would be a success, but after several chapters after the release of “Halloween,” the movie franchise is still among the most popular during the Halloween season and at other times of the year. The actors used their own clothes in the first two movies because there wasn’t enough money for a log of props or extras. Because there were so many corners cut with money, it resulted in a film that grossed a significant amount of money.

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