Lucky Movie Franchise About Unlucky Day

Even though Friday the 13th only comes around once or twice a year, you can view the movie by the same name whenever you want online or on various types of video formats. While some people think that Jason is the only killer in the series, his mother was the original killer in the first movie. Jason is known for his hockey mask, which is how most people recognize him. However, he didn’t find his hockey mask until the third movie. Even though the series is called “Friday the 13th,” not every movie takes place on this day. The third movie in the series is actually on Saturday after the events of the original movie occur. Jason was actually supposed to be named Josh, but directors thought that the name didn’t offer as much fright as the name Jason. Jason is known for killing more people in a horror movie series than any other villain. “Jason X” featured 28 deaths, but at least 10 people died in each movie. His body count reached 167 by the final movie in the series. Over the span of 12 movies, 13 people played the role of Jason with Kane Hodder playing the role in the most movies.