Real Life Meets Nightmares

If you’ve seen “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” then you know that the movie is about a man named Freddy Krueger who kills people in their dreams. Something that you might not know about the movie is that it’s loosely based on real-life events. Wes Craven read a few newspaper articles about teenagers who were Khmer immigrants. They moved to the United States after escaping from refugee camps. Articles in the “L.A. Times” reported that the teenagers died under mysterious circumstances. It’s believed that they had nightmares and that they were so frightened by what happened that they died while they were sleeping.

Another interesting note about the movie is that there was a kid named Freddy who used to bully Wes Craven when he was in school. The hat that Freddy wears in the movie is of the same design that a drunk man used to wear who lived in Craven’s neighborhood when he was younger. When Craven would see the man around town, he would get scared by how he looked, which is also why Freddy looks so menacing or horrific. Craven wanted to bring a bit of real life into the movie so that it wouldn’t seem as unbelievable as other movies being made at the time.