Unknown Details About “SVU” Cast Members

A show that has been on the air for several seasons and continues to surprise viewers is “Law & Order: SVU.” The show features detectives and various members of the court system arresting and prosecuting those who have committed sexual or violent crimes.

Richard Belzer, or John Munch on the show, is the only cast member who has been on 10 different television shows among the other actors. Before the current name of the show, it was titled “Sex Crimes.” However, NBC saw that this title could have posed an issue for viewers, resulting in the name change. There is a voice that can be heard during the opening segment of the show. The person behind the voice once held a government office position. Steve Zirnkilton was once a member of the House of Representatives in Maine.

Mariska Hargitay often counsels victims on the show. If she seems to be exceptional at this part of her job, it’s because she was trained as a rape counselor soon after the show started. Ice-T, otherwise known as Odafin “Fin” Tutuola, was only supposed to be on the show for a few episodes. After working with the cast and crew, he was hired full-time and was asked to play a detective.