8 Beauty Rules Doe Deere Thinks You Should Break

Beauty magazines and other publications love to print long lists of dos and don’ts that dominate the fashion and beauty industries. We are led to believe that we must follow these rules to fit the criteria of what is deemed beautiful or trendy in today’s society. However, there’s something to be said for breaking out of the traditional mold that much of our society conforms to. The following seven beauty rules were made to be broken by those who place value on breaking free of arbitrary fashion dos and don’ts.


Rule #1 – Don’t Combine a Dark Lip with Bold Eyes


We’ve all heard the well-repeated rule to choose one facial feature to emphasize with a bold look while leaving the rest neutral. It’s long been believed by women everywhere that wearing bold eye and lip colors at the same time will create a clownish look. This is just one of many makeup rules that need to be left by the wayside. When the colors compliment one another, a bold eye combined with a bold look can be sophisticated and beautifully alluring.


Rule #2 – Don’t Combine a lot of Colors


Following in the same vein as rule number one, women often express that they are intimidated by the thought of playing around with color, either in their makeup or their wardrobe options. However, color is one of the things that make life exciting and a major factor in what catches people’s attention. How much color is too much? There are no set rules on this. The important thing is to experiment with pairing a wide variety of bold and bright colors and not to be afraid to play around with different options. Sticking to neutrals is far too boring for those who dare to break the fashion mold.


Rule #3 – Don’t Combine Patterns


We’ve probably known since we were very young children that it’s a big fashion don’t to mix different types of patterns or prints. For example, wearing a floral pattern combined with a plaid pattern has long been frowned upon in the fashion world. However, patterns are similar to colors in that they provide interest and depth to what would otherwise be boring wardrobe choices. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pairing different types of patterns within the same outfit to provide texture and interest to your daily wardrobe choices.


Rule #4 – Dress for the Occasion


Where did we learn that cocktail dresses can only be worn to fancy parties or that suits are only appropriate if you work in an office? If you think back to when you were a child, you’ll probably recall plenty of times when you asked to wear a fancy dress to school just because you felt like it. Our wardrobe choices should reflect our unique personality traits, not just the setting or occasion of the day. Saving a special wardrobe outfit for a specific event is similar to saving the good china for rare occasions. You miss out on the beauty those clothing options could bring to your day while you wait for that special occasion to roll around. Why not enjoy the happiness those wardrobe pieces could bring you in the meantime?


Rule #5 – Dress Your Age


Once women and men hit a specific age group, they often believe that they must stop wearing certain items. The same can be true for women once they become mothers. They feel their new role limits them somehow in the clothing choices that society deems appropriate for them. What does it even mean to dress your age? Who determines what is appropriate for a 40-year-old versus a 60-year-old? Your style should reflect your personality and unique attributes, which really has nothing to do with your chronological age. Throw this outdated rule out the window and embrace the styles that you find interesting and that make you feel good.


Rule #6 – You Can Only Wear Neutrals with Bright Hair


Unusual hair colors such as blues and purples are very common right now. However, there’s an unspoken rule that with bright colored hair, you must keep your clothing and makeup choices more neutral. While it’s true that neutral makeup and clothing options will place most of the focus on your eccentric hair color, most women don’t want to completely give up their color options in their wardrobe and cosmetic choices. There’s no need to skip the colored clothing and the bright makeup if that’s what makes you happy.


Rule #7 – Open Toe Shoes and Socks Don’t Mix


Why do we feel the need to hide our socks under shoes and boots where they won’t be seen at all? Socks and tights come in such a wide variety of colors and patterns that they practically beg to be shown off. There’s no better way to do this than to pair them with open toe shoes and high heels for a fashion statement that packs a punch.



Doe Deere Treasures Breaking the Typical Fashion Mold


Doe Deere is the fashion and beauty icon behind the infamous cosmetic brand Lime Crime. Doe has dipped her toes into the world of entrepreneurship for many years. She got her professional start by modeling and selling her own unique fashion creations on eBay. Because her fashion designs focus on trendy and unusual patterns and colors, she often displayed eccentric makeup looks to accompany them. This led her to discover that there weren’t a lot of makeup choices for those who appreciate bright colors in their cosmetic choices. When faced with this dilemma, Doe Deere decided to create her own line of cruelty-free cosmetics that would cater to women who adore bold and bright makeup colors. This is how Lime Crime was born.


Today Lime Crime continues to offer some of the most cutting-edge color choices in their quality cosmetic line. Featuring products that are cruelty-free and vegan, Lime Crime’s product choices appeal to the masses as well as the more eccentric customers. Lime Crime has quickly shot to cult status within the cosmetic industry, and the makeup line lives true to Doe Deere’s own personal values. Since Doe believes that women everywhere were made to stand out and embrace their bold and outgoing side, she continues to provide quality cosmetic options that appeal to this aspect of women all across the country. After all, what fun are rules if they’re not occasionally broken?

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