Meet Geisha Williams, The First Latina Lady To Hold Executive Position In The US

Geisha Williams was born in Cuba in the year 1962. Her father was a political prisoner for many years. After her father’s release from prison, they moved to the US. In the United States, her parents worked very hard to the extent that they were able to open a grocery shop. Geisha was hardworking and a dedicated young lady. After school, she could quickly run into her family’s grocery shop, where she volunteered as a cashier. Geisha who has been interactive and jovial since her childhood, attracted many customers to their shop. It was at the grocery shop where Geisha learned the value of excellent customer service, dedication, hardworking and the importance of being part of the society.

After her high school education, Geisha advanced in her education. She graduated with an MBA from the University of Nova South Eastern and a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Miami University. After Geisha graduated from Miami University, she worked for a local energy company. At that company, she interacted with many people who mentored her to what she is today. Thanks to her employer who encouraged her and motivated her to be a future leader. During those times, women could not hold any leadership positions in the community, but her employer continued to encourage her.

Regina took her time to learn all the aspects of that company, including its structure. She came to realize that all the managers in the organization had bachelor’s degrees in engineering. Geisha gained a lot of confidence because she saw herself equally qualified like her managers. Engineering is a career that is dominated by males, but Geisha Williams was much comfortable to work in such an environment. She studied engineering when women were not interested in engineering courses. Most people tried to discourage her, but Geisha never gave up. She worked professionally to impress her clients.

Her dedication, professionalism, and hardworking saw her being appointed the Chief Executive officer of the company. That was a significant achievement for her. Being an immigrant and now heading an American company. She was the only educated person in her family. Geisha was the 1st and the only Lanina Chief Executive Officer of a Fortune 200 company. She later resigned, worked for many other companies, and then joined PG&E in the year 2007.

During her leadership at PG&E, the company topped all other companies in the industry. Her dedication and excellent leadership skills enabled PG&E to deliver 80 percent greenhouse gas electricity to more than sixteen million people in central and Northern California. She focused on the safety of the people, and she continued to embrace the culture of safety. Geisha Williams also focused on customer satisfaction, which saw the company achieve the highest sales ever. The number of customers grew tremendously.

In conclusion, Geisha Williams is a dedicated lady who believes in her strength. She is among the few dedicated ladies who have ever held executive positions of large organizations. Her leadership skills have been unique. She believes that customer satisfaction is the key to the success of any organization.