Regina Dowd Unique Career Path From Nursing To Top Exect

When she was growing up, Regina Dowd dreamed of becoming a nurse. She had a natural desire to work with people and to help others. But her career arc would become quite unlike any other in the nursing field as it became clear that Ms. Dowd had skill potentials that extended far beyond the duties of an R.N.

Regina Dowd proved herself an exceptional student in her early years at Trinity High School. Upon graduation, she matriculated at Fairfield University and graduated with a BSN nursing degree in 1982. She was in the Sigma Tau Honor Society. Her first job out of college was as a senior staff nurse working in general surgery and burn services.

In 1994, she went to work for Perioperative Nursing Services where she practiced in post-anesthesia care, critical care, general surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery and a host of other critical medical applications. After five years, her career would take on a new phase as she moved into the role of quality assurance coordinator for the department of surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. She held this position for 11 years. She left behind a lasting impact thanks to her influence on upgrading the technological capabilities of the department of surgery.

Another career change would come in 2000 when she became a risk management consultant and legal nurse consultant. Working independently, she consulted for law firms representing hospitals and nursing homes. The year 2010 was a major milestone for Regina Dowd because that was the year she joined TSR Consulting as an account representative. TSR is a major staffing and recruiting firm based in New York. Her father was chairman and CEO of the company.

But even though her dad was the head man, Regina Dowd had nothing handed to her. TSR is a robust and challenging work environment that put the hard-earned skills Dowd had developed from her previous working experiences to good use. She worked out in the field interacting with existing TSR clients while also drumming up new business. After one year, it was clear that Regina Dowd could handle higher levels of responsibility. She was promoted to account manager in 2011. This put her in charge of technology consulting and working with IT staff augmentation.

Her performance in this realm was exemplary. Her father – a tough sell – was notably impressed with her work of his daughter who he held perhaps to a higher standard than he would a non-family employee. By the time the senior Dowd was ready to retire, he was more than confident that Regina was ready to take on a top position as an executive sales manager. Her work in account management was carried out over a period of more than eight years.

In 2017, Regina Dowd was named director of TSR Consulting Services. Industry analysts have called her a “brilliant example of women in leadership” of a major company. She is noted for her zealous and tenacious approach operating in one of the most competitive sectors in the business world.