Coffee Could Help With Depression

If you’re like many people, then you need a cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started. There is an advantage to drinking coffee on a regular basis. The Harvard School of Public Health has done research about how coffee impacts the people who drink it and discovered that there is a decrease in the risk of depression. The study focused on women who drink about four cups of coffee a day. The risk of depression decreased by about 20 percent for this group.

Research also found that people who drink at least two cups of coffee each day are at a lower risk for committing suicide. You do need to drink about two cups a day to see any kind of change in how you feel or think. There aren’t as many benefits for decaffeinated coffee. Coffee also impacts women more than men who drink it because women are often found to be more depressed than men. As the number of cups of coffee consumed increase, the risk of being depressed decreases. When caffeine enters the brain, it works on the neurotransmitters that deal with depression, such as dopamine. These are short-term effects but could offer a positive way of life for those who find themselves depressed during the day.