Day Devoted To Freddy Krueger In Los Angeles

When Halloween approaches, more people tend to watch scary movies. They want the feeling of fear that these movies invoke, and one of those movies is “A Nightmare on Elm Street.” After the movie came out in theaters, the success was so great that producers made back the money that was spent to make the film in the first 72 hours. Because of the movie’s success, Los Angeles declared that September 13, 1991, would be Freddy Krueger Day. At the time September 13 was on a Friday, which is a bit odd in itself because “Friday the 13th” debuted in theaters just a few years earlier with sequels in the works for release dates around the same time as when “A Nightmare on Elm Street” was released.

Most of the movie was filmed in Los Angeles, which is why the mayor wanted to have a day devoted to the horror villain responsible for such success in the town. However, there were many people who weren’t happy with the idea of a day being devoted to someone who kills people while they sleep. The mayor offered an explanation that the day was about the demise of Krueger in the final movie released, but people were still upset about a special day surrounding violence and gore.