Food Towns

You probably think that your family celebration for Thanksgiving is special. While it probably is, there are a few towns in the United States that take Thanksgiving to another level. Turkey Creek, a small town in Louisiana, only has 440 residents. Those residents take pride in knowing that they are one of only four towns in the country that has turkey in the name of the city or town. Other names include Turkey, NC, Turkey, TX, and Turkey Creek, AZ.

Aside from turkey, there are numerous cities in the country that boast names of popular side dishes that you would find on your Thanksgiving table. Residents in Turkey Creek often gather together for community events during the holiday season, such as parades and dinners, so that they can spend time together and share why they are thankful. The cranberry is the most popular side dish that cities are named for with seven different cities and towns boasting a variation of the fruit. Most of the cities that are named for side dishes feature a different spelling. Other side dishes that are commonly known in the country include the potato, squash and the bean. Most towns named for turkey or foods are small with few residents.