Interesting Waters from Around the World: From Bling H20 to Waiakea Water

If something is labeled rare or unique in this world, people will be clamoring for it. They will offer to pay large amounts of money for strange items. The stranger, the better. Because of this, there are high priced waters across the world that the rich seem to want. The ordinary tap water that is coming out of your faucet and costs merely pennies is not good enough, even though it is perfectly fine to drink. Here is a list of unique waters, from Bling H20 to Waiakea Water, that are available to you as long as you are ready to hand out some serious cash for it.

Bling H2O

With a name like Bling H2O, you know that it had to come from Hollywood. Kevin Boyd, a Hollywood writer and producer, created the brand of bottled water. Why is there so much weirdness coming out of the entertainment industry? The water was originally only offered to celebrity athletes and actors. This was to establish that the upper echelon drink this water. So what makes the water so great?

Bling H2O is bottled from natural springs in Tennessee, a very un-Hollywood place. However, the company claims that they then place the water through a nine step purification process. At approximately $55 a bottle, I can’t imagine what they filter it through. The water probably isn’t much better than the tap water at your house, but the bottle is quite special. It is made with frosted glass and Swarovski crystals. If image means that much to you, I would recommend buying it once and then refilling it out of your garden hose over and over.


Veen is about 25 dollars a bottle, and is said to possibly be the freshest and purest water in the world, since it comes from Finland. I am not sure how a claim like this would even be able to be proven, but I guess it cannot be unproven either.

10 Thousand BC

This bottled water has a very interesting name, but why do they call it that? You might think that this water is probably the oldest water on earth, but the BC actually has to do with the water originating from British Columbia, Canada. At $14 a bottle, you might want to enjoy every last drop of the melted glacial ice water. Or perhaps run your tap water through a filter, freeze it, dethaw it, and then drink it and it could probably be pretty close to 10 Thousand BC.


Fillico sells for $100 a bottle. Most of you would have to rationalize between eating for a month or buying that very expensive bottle of water from Kobe, Japan. Of course, the bottles are made out of frosted glass and Swarovski crystals, but it also has a little king or queen gold crown that sits on top of the bottle. Since the bottles are handmade, Fillico only makes 5,000 bottles per month. Thirty years ago, the idea of bottling water would have been laughed at, but now companies are charging insane money for the prestige that goes along with drinking their water.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani

You might want to be sitting down for this one. At $60,000 a bottle, this has to be the most expensive water in the world. You would not be able to make more money off of bottled water even if you were the only water stand in a desert full of thirsty people. How can a bottle of water be worth $60,000?

The water is originally sourced from either France or Fiji. There is nothing very special about the water, except for the bottle. It is made out of solid 24 karat gold. It is basically like buying a gold brick and getting some expensive water to go with it. You can buy bottles of it that aren’t solid gold for only $3,600. Each bottle comes with a leather case and has five milligrams of gold dust in each water. If you are thinking of buying a bottle, you may have too much money and should donate half to charity tomorrow.

Try Waiakea Water’s Hawaiian Volcanic Water Without Breaking the Bank

There is great bottled water out there that you do not have to spend your life savings on. Plus, the bottle it comes in is just as special as the ones listed above. It is called Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water (written about before here) and it has been around since 2012.

Ryan Emmons, a college student at the time, was at his uncle’s in Hawaii when he got a drink out of his well. He thought it was the best tasting water he ever had. The interesting part is that the water is gathered from rain or melted snow after it has a chance to filter itself naturally through volcanic rock. This leaves the water packed with electrolytes and minerals. In addition, the increased pH level leaves the water alkaline as well. There are numerous benefits to drinking alkaline water.

Waiakea Water and Ryan Emmons decided to manufacture the plastic bottles using recycled material. Also, they use a nano-additive called TimePlast that allows the bottle to fully degrade on its own in only 15 years. This is quite the opposite of normal plastic bottles that take 1,500 years to decompose on its own. This is important since only 20 percent of all plastic bottles get recycled every year. That means there are millions and millions littering the oceans and land in our environment.

If you are interested in trying fabulous water without having to pay an insane amount, Waiakea Water would be the way to go. How often do you get to say you are drinking volcanic water? For one, you are supporting a bottled water company that is focused on not leaving a carbon footprint behind in its wake. In addition, the water has health benefits that many of the other bottled waters just do not have. Waiakea Water can be found online and in stores across the country.