Sweet Treat Facts

Cookies, cakes, and pies are fun desserts for any occasion. They are easy to hold and eat, and you can decorate them in any way possible for any occasion. Although chocolate chip cookies are among the most popular varieties, chocolate chips came after the cookie. Ruth Wakefield was making cookie dough and tried to add small chunks of chocolate. Instead, she made a small chip that is now one of the most popular ingredients in cookies. When you think of German chocolate cake, you might think that it has ties to Germany. Its name is derived from Samuel German, the man who first made the sweet confection.

If you’ve ever had Boston cream pie, then you know that it has a soft texture and is made with cake. The American-French pastry really isn’t a pie at all but was originally made at the Parker House Hotel in tins, which is why people started calling it a pie. When Girl Scout cookie season rolls around each year, people tend to swarm over the large variety of cookies that are available. Most of the cookies now sold were once homemade. They were first made in 1932 for a fundraiser to try to help the girls get money for their supplies.