Sweet Treats For Christmas

The candy cane is often a staple in homes for Christmas. The sweet candy comes in a cane shape, but you can also get bags of crushed candy canes that can be used for baking or for adding to your Christmas beverages. While there are new candy cane flavors, the red and white treat has been around since the 17th century. The exact year is unknown, but many believe that it was around 1670 when the candy cane was introduced. However, white candy sticks had been around for several years before the candy cane was made. A choirmaster in Germany came up with the idea to curve the sticks so that they looked like a shepherd’s hook. The idea took hold, and the design has been around ever since. The candy canes were given to children in the church as a way to keep them quiet during services. In 1847, the candy cane was brought to the United States by August Imgard. He started decorating his home with candy canes, people saw the sweet treats hanging on display, and they wanted to enjoy the sweet confections as well. Candy canes are often used to decorate trees because the hook allows for easy hanging on the limbs.

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