Women Don’t Handle Alcohol Like Men

Most women probably think that they understand how the female body works and some of the health issues that could occur over time. One of the little-known facts that you might have figured out if you’ve ever drunk alcohol is that the female body can’t really handle the beverage like a man can. It’s not because a man might be larger in size than you are as there are some men who are smaller than women. The reason you can’t drink the same amount as men and it have the same impact is because there aren’t as many enzymes in the stomach to break down the alcohol.

Women often have a blood alcohol content that is higher than a male even after they drink the same number of beers or glasses of a different alcoholic beverage. There is less water in the female body to dilute the alcohol, so it tends to stay in the blood stream longer and have lingering effects whereas men can drink the same amount or more and shake it off in a few hours. Since the alcohol lingers longer in females, there is a tendency to have a stronger feeling of euphoria after drinking but also negative side effects the next day, such as a headache.