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Avery Ranch Golf Club: The Prizes Golfers Really Want At Golf Tournaments

There are a lot of moving parts to hosting a golf tournament. Between finding the players and making sure there is enough food and drinks for everyone (while also praying for sunshine) it can get hard to remember everything that has to be done. Show players your appreciation by giving them a prize that they really want in their goody bag instead of just one more wristband to give to their kid. Check out these 5 prizes that every golfer at Avery Ranch Golf Club wants to receive in their goody bags at local golf tournaments:

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Golf Balls

This is the old staple for goody bags prizes and every golfer always can use more of them. Make your golf balls stand out by ordering wild colors or those that light up at night. Another idea is to put the event name on the balls to help keep your tournament in the minds of the players. Putting golf balls in goody bags is a safe bet when dealing with golfers who may tend to lose more than their fair share of them.

Gift Certificates

Although giving cash may seem tacky, giving gift certificates to places that golfers actually want to go to is a great goody bag option. Consider a gift certificate to the local pub or for a massage that they can use after their long day out on the course. Other family options include a day of fun at a local amusement or water park or a trip to the movies. Gift certificates are always a big hit in that they are easily spent and truly appreciated.

More Golf

Golfers love to always play more golf. Give golfers at your tournament the chance to come back to Avery Ranch by offering a free or discounted round of golf. Offering a free buddy pass would also be a good idea so that golfers can come back with their friends and could get you even more players for your tournament next year. Even a pass for a free dinner at the club house or a discount on items in the Pro Shop would be a good idea in order to encourage your players to continue golfing.


After a long day out on the course, and probably more than one beer in their bellies, providing little snacks in a goody bag will quickly be eaten up. Provide small things like a single bag of chips or a candy bar to satisfy hungry golfers after their time out on the green. Make these items fit your tournament theme with specially wrapped labels or puns that will make golfers laugh even if they didn’t play their best that day.


Most golfers enjoy a few beers out on the green so why not send them home with a parting gift to wind down with? Send samples of alcohol or wine home with golfers in their goody bags to show your appreciation. Other ideas would include getting a local winery or brewery to donate samples of their best drinks as a way to advertise as well. Coupons for a free round at the bar would also be a good option to put into everyone’s goody bag.

Golfers who play in your golf tournament are looking for a fun time out on the green with friends and colleagues. Make sure that everyone goes home with a departing gift that they will use instead of throw away. Packing goody bags with alcohol, snacks, and gift certificates is a great way to show your appreciation. The standard gifts of extra golf balls and free rounds of golf also go a long way. Make sure to put these items in the goody bags during your next golf tournament at Avery Ranch.

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