A Filtering Organ

The liver is perhaps the busiest organ in the body with a variety of roles. Every animal with a spinal column has a liver, but the size of the liver varies depending on the animal. If there are health issues with the liver, then a transplant is usually recommended as there are no ways to replace it with an artificial component. However, the liver can regenerate after it has been damaged if there is enough healthy tissue left. Part of a liver can be donated to someone else, and the part that was removed will grow back.

The main job of the liver is to filter the blood in the body. If there is an excess amount of fat in the body, then the fat deposits can settle in the liver, making it enlarged. If the person doesn’t begin to eat healthier and doesn’t lose weight, then the liver will continue to enlarge. Chemicals from the liver travel to the kidneys before leaving the body in the urine. Sometimes, the chemicals can’t be broken down by the kidneys, resulting in stones that develop. Almost all of the medication that you take is processed by the liver. When large amounts of certain medications are taken, such as ibuprofen and other pain relievers, then the liver can become damaged.

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