Behind The Scenes With The Liver

The liver is an organ that doesn’t get a lot of attention until something is wrong. The liver is an organ that supplies most of the blood for the body. If you’re anemic, then it’s likely because the liver isn’t producing the amount of blood that is needed for the body. The liver is a bit fatty, but when that fat content reaches over 10 percent, it can cause some issues for the rest of the body. It can become enlarged, which means that you could experience pain in the chest and a decrease in the amount of energy that you have. The drugs that you take, whether they are prescribed or purchased over the counter, are processed through the liver. If you take in too much of some types of drugs, then it could damage your liver to the point that it doesn’t function as it should. You can have a liver transplant if the organ becomes too fatty or ceases to function properly. The liver can grow back, allowing you to donate part of the organ to someone else. Most of the time, you won’t know anything is wrong with the liver until there are other signs noticed in the body because it tends to hide behind the scenes and only perform the job that is required.