Bizarre Objects Found In People’s Stomachs

Most people can claim to have eaten something unusual in their lifetime, be it an exotic vegetable or meat from a curious animal. What about felt tip pens? Or cobblestones?  How are those for bizarre objects found in people’s stomachs?

Human beings are strange creatures, sometimes driven by complex motivations. Although the ingestion of such items isn’t always intentional, more often than not there is an interesting story behind it. Here are some remarkable items removed from people’s stomachs.

The Most Bizarre Objects Found in People’s Stomachs


And not the ones on your fingers that you bite when anxious!

Bizarre Objects Found in People's Stomachs: NailsIn 2016, a 15-year-old Chinese boy presented at a local hospital complaining of a stomach ache. His parents thought he was suffering from a regular cold, however, upon examination doctors decided to take a CT scan of his stomach. They were astounded when the scan revealed the boy’s stomach was full of masonry nails. When they operated on him, they removed a pound and a half of nails, toothpicks, coins and rocks. The boy said he didn’t know why he ate the items but it was later suggested that he was suffering from pica, a disorder which compels people to ingest foreign objects.

A Fork

Bizarre Objects Found in People's Stomachs: A forkIn 2003, an Israeli woman went to her local emergency department after ingesting a fork. An x-ray revealed the fork was lodged sideways in her stomach. She explained that she was cleaning her home when a cockroach jumped into her mouth. She accidentally swallowed the cockroach and in a panic, she grabbed a fork to try to remove the cockroach from her oesophagus. As she was gagging, the fork also slipped down her throat. Doctors later removed the fork by surgery but could find no trace of the cockroach.

A Felt Tip Pen

Bizarre Objects Found in People's Stomachs: Felt tip penKeeping in a similar vein to the fork lady, in 2011 a 76 year old British woman complained of gastrointestinal problems to her doctor. A CT scan showed a felt tip pen lodged in her stomach. When questioned, the woman revealed that she had ingested the pen more than 25 years earlier. She was trying to poke her infected tonsils with it when her gag reflex caused her to accidentally swallow it. The pen was later removed by surgery and was found to still work. However, it was deemed not to be the cause of the woman’s earlier gastrointestinal problems.

A Mutated Twin Sibling

Sanju Bhagat is living evidence of one of nature’s more peculiar occurrences. Having spent his whole life feeling self-conscious about his enlarged stomach, his problems worsened at the age of 36 when he began suffering acute abdominal pain. He was rushed to hospital where doctors diagnosed a giant tumor. However, when they opened Sanju up, they were stunned to discover a half-formed human, complete with fully developed feet and hands.

Sanju was suffering from a rare condition known as ‘fetus in fetu’. It happens very early in a twin pregnancy, when one fetus envelopes the other. The dominant fetus continues growing while the other fetus feeds off it like a parasite. Sanju’s case is highly unusual as it remained undiagnosed for 36 years.


Bizarre Objects Found in People's Stomachs: Cobblestones
By Laura Fanucchi (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but one Chinese lady took that all too literally and tried to pave a whole road there. The story began in 2006 when the woman in question had an argument with her beloved. Her questionable method of revenge was to furiously swallow 20 cobblestones. She later refused to seek medical attention, arguing that she would eventually ‘pass’ them. After several uncomfortable days, she conceded and went to her doctor. Unsurprisingly, the stones needed surgical removal.

Other notable bizarre objects removed from people’s stomachs include: hairballs, bottles, live frogs and various bits of steel tools. Batteries and magnets are two of the most common items removed from the stomachs of toddlers. Of course, given their age and lack of common sense it’s not too unsurprising when it happens. What is more difficult to figure out is the reasoning behind mature adults who willingly choose to ingest weird and crazy objects. We may never know why some grown-ups feel the urge to swallow things they shouldn’t, but as the old saying goes, ‘there’s nowt as queer as folk’.

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