Diabetes And The Body

Diabetes is a disease that impacts the blood sugar levels in the body. The pancreas doesn’t work like it should, either not supplying enough insulin to the body or supplying too much at one time. Fortunately, diabetes can be controlled with medications, a change in your diet, and exercise as being overweight can sometimes lead to being a diabetic.

Almost one-third of people in the country have diabetes and aren’t aware that they have it because they don’t show any outward symptoms. Type 2 diabetes is more common, people who have this form of the disease usually don’t have any symptoms. Those with Type 1 diabetes make up about five percent of the people who have the disease. Most people develop Type 2 when they are adults. Those who are overweight often develop diabetes later in adulthood as well as those who have other health conditions. Women who have gestational diabetes often develop Type 2 later in life. There are underlying health conditions that develop in people who are diabetics, such as kidney failure and heart failure. With proper medical care, the chances of these conditions occurring can be decreased. For people who are overweight, gastric surgeries can help to reduced the symptoms that are present.