Functions Of The Liver

Although the liver isn’t often talked about unless there are health concerns pertaining to the organ, it’s a vital part of the body that serves numerous functions. If there is an issue with the liver, there are a few signs that you will notice as well as a few that you might not know about until problems are presented. The liver is one of the organs that aids in breaking down food so that the nutrients can be delivered to other organs and parts of the body. Iron is supplied to the body mainly by the liver. The liver is the second largest organ of the body. Over 200 functions are performed by the liver. If you have a diet that consists of fatty foods, then you might find that your liver becomes known as a “fatty liver.” This means that the fat content is over 10 percent for the organ. The liver sends sugar to other parts of the body when it’s needed. You can donate a portion of your liver to someone in need, and the liver will grow back over time. The liver is important to the body because it creates the blood that the body needs to survive.