What Goes On In The Operating Room?

An operating room might seem like a sterile environment where you have surgery. There are a few interesting things about operating rooms that you might not know about, one being that there are different types depending on the kind of surgery you’re having. There is usually a table, lights and booms, and a back table with all of the equipment needed for the procedure in most operating rooms. However, some operating rooms have special kinds of tables while others have X-ray machines. Some rooms are smaller for simple procedures while larger rooms are left open for surgeries that require more medical assistance. The number of people in the operating room can vary based on the type of surgery, but you’ll usually find the surgeon, anesthesiologist, a nurse, a surgical tech, and an assistant in all operating rooms.

Most of the time, the surgeon will listen to a favorite kind of music to calm the hands and mind while performing the operation. Operating rooms are kept cooler than the rest of the hospital because of the lights that are in the room. The large lights increase the temperature, which can make it difficult for the surgeon and the assistants to hold the equipment being used. a warm blanket is placed over patients so that they stay warm.