Kidney Stones As A Cause Of Pain

If you’ve ever had any kind of a pain in your side or that starts in your upper back and travels along your side, then you might have experienced a kidney stone. According to, many people have kidney stones and aren’t aware that they have them because they are so small when they are passed in the urine. You might think that kidney stones are hereditary or that only older people have them, but anyone of any age can have a kidney stone. Men usually have kidney stones more often than women. If you have small stones, then you might not have any kind of symptoms at all. The stone would only be seen on an X-ray or a CT scan, but if you aren’t in any kind of pain, then these exams wouldn’t be ordered, so you wouldn’t know that the stone is there. Some people get a kidney stone only once, but there are people who can get kidney stones throughout life. This often warrants further testing to determine if the kidneys are functioning properly or if there are underlying issues present. Changing the diet can sometimes prevent kidney stones, such as consuming less calcium or eating less meat in the diet.