Learning About Stomach Ulcers

Sometimes, the pain that you feel in your abdomen, especially in the upper area of the abdomen, could be a stomach ulcer. There are several theories that people come up with about ulcers. It’s often stated that spicy foods or stress cause ulcers, and while these things can enhance the symptoms of an ulcer, they aren’t really the cause. An ulcer is caused by a buildup of a type of bacteria called H. pylori. Taking large amounts of NSAIDs and other pain medications can also weaken the lining of the stomach, causing an ulcer to develop. The pain that you experience from an ulcer is usually noticed more at night because the stomach is empty. You can try antacids or milk, but sitting up or trying to eat a snack is often the best solution. If an ulcer isn’t treated, it can lead to bleeding in the stomach of an infection. Heartburn medications usually help to treat the symptoms of an ulcer because of the high amount of acid that is present in the stomach. Doctors normally perform an endoscopy to determine if there is an ulcer, but an X-ray can detect larger ulcers if they are present. All ulcers should be treated as soon as possible because of what could happen if medications are not taken.