A Little Heart And Soul

The heart is an organ of the body that you can’t live without. Sometimes, a heart transplant is possible if doctors find a match with your blood type if there are health issues with the heart that would lead to death. A transplant is usually performed if there are few or no other health issues. Most adult hearts beat about one time a second. Some hearts beat much faster than that, but the average heart rate is around 74 beats a minute. As you get older, your heart rate decreases, some hearts only exhibiting about 40 beats per minute. Although many people know that heart diseases are at the top of the list of natural killers in men, they might not know that heart disease is responsible for more deaths in women than other health conditions.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how large your heart is, you can make a fist because your heart is roughly the same size. There are a few factors that could mean your heart is a bit smaller or larger, such as your fitness level or if there are any diseases that would cause an enlargement, but the size of your fist is an approximate measurement of your heart.

More facts about the human heart: https://www.healthline.com/health/fun-facts-about-the-heart