Low Iron Levels

One of the most common health conditions that can impact the way that you feel is anemia. It’s a condition that can make you feel like you have no energy. Aside from a low red blood cell count, there are some other interesting facts about the condition that you might not know about. There are actually a few different causes of anemia, but the most common is a decrease in the hemoglobin and hematocrit levels. Excessive blood loss or changes in your diet are usually the top causes of anemia. A lack of iron absorption is also a common cause of anemia and sometimes the most common. Some of the signs of anemia can be confused with other conditions. These signs include irritability, fatigue, heart palpitations, weakness, depression and a headache. Many people think that simply changing the diet will change the iron levels, but you often need a combination of different foods and a supplement. Stress can often enhance anemia and can make the typical symptoms worse than what you would experience if you had a general case of anemia. If the blood levels reach a certain point, then it’s possible that a blood transfusion will be needed to raise the hemoglobin and hematocrit again.