Pain In The Hand

If your hands get numb or if you experience pain in your hands when they are bent a certain way or while you’re working on any kind of project, then you might have carpal tunnel syndrome. A nerve conduction test can determine if the nerves are working as they should and if you do in fact have carpal tunnel syndrome in one hand or in both hands. People who write, type or move their hands every day in a repetitive manner are usually more susceptible to developing carpal tunnel. If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, then you might find that it’s difficult to grip items during the day, such as car keys, plates or cups. The syndrome is more common in women than in men, and more women than men have surgery to release the carpal tunnel so that they see relief. Most of the time, the symptoms of the syndrome are noticed first thing in the morning and at night. Symptoms can be so severe that they wake you up at night because you lose feeling in your hand or hands or you experience pain that is bothersome. Many people who have carpal tunnel syndrome usually wait for months or even years before they seek treatment, which often results in surgery instead of other types of treatment that could be used.