Stomach Pain From Ulcers

A stomach ulcer can be painful if it’s inflamed. At times, you might not know that you have a stomach ulcer until you notice symptoms that are associated. According to Mayo Clinic, most ulcers are simply a sore that develops on the lining of the stomach. Almost all ulcers are caused by a bacteria known as H. pylori. This bacteria can be detected with a breathing test. Several medications will likely be given to treat the bacteria and to tame the impacts that the ulcer has on the body. The bacteria is one that is easily transmitted. Most people have the bacteria and don’t even know it because there are no symptoms present. There is a possibility that the bacteria can lead to stomach cancer if it’s not treated. People who live in countries that see unsanitary conditions often experience the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers from the time they are children. Surgery isn’t often required to treat an ulcer unless it is large in size or if it’s causing severe health problems. Unfortunately, death is a possibility of a stomach ulcer and the bacteria associated with the ulcer if it is not treated or if it leads to other health issues that impact the blood or other organs.