Cardinal Innovations Is Working To Deliver Health Solutions To North Carolina

In the state of North Carolina, there are seven companies that the state utilizes to provide healthcare services for those on Medicaid and state financed public health plans. The state provides funding for these seven companies to help patients with their needs within each company’s designated service area.

Cardinal Innovations is a private, non-profit company that is one of the seven companies chosen by North Carolina to help Medicaid patients. Cardinal Innovations is based in Charlotte, and the company has a 20 county area of operations. This company is primarily focused on helping patients with mental health services and patients with ongoing physical disabilities. In addition, Cardinal Innovations offers addiction and substance abuse services. In total, Cardinal Innovations provides services for 850,000 North Carolina residents.

Cardinal Innovations uses a managed care approach to help hold down costs for its members. The company seeks to find ways to help as many patients as possible while saving money for the taxpayers in the state of North Carolina at the same time.

At Cardinal Innovations, everything operates with a team approach. The Care Coordination team is vital to the mission of Cardinal Innovations. This team is tasked with helping people find the care that they need. This team can help to find housing and other resources for vulnerable individuals.

Another of the important teams at Cardinal Innovations is the Clinical Operations Team. These people have the job of making sure that all of the patients have prior approval for all services. They make sure that patients can access care when they need it most.

One other team of primary importance is the Medical Department. This team is responsible for developing treatment guidelines and protocols. Cardinal Innovations believes that following guidelines helps to reduce cost, and it provides a proven standard of care for patients.

The Access Call Center has been developed by Cardinal Innovations to help people at the point of crisis. The Access Call Center is available at all hours every day of the year. Those in need can be directed for immediate service. Those who need mental health and counseling services can get on the right track towards finding the assistance that they are looking for by referral to a preferred provider.

Cardinal Innovations is helping the state of North Carolina utilize its resources in the most cost effective way possible. The teams at Cardinal are also making sure that patients have the care they need when they need it the most.